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BBYO Chapter Advisor


Who: Adults/Young Adults
What: Become a BBYO Advisor!
Where: There are multiple openings around the Pittsburgh area
Why: BBYO Inc. volunteer advisors are a welcomed and vital part of the success of the small group chapter model that functions throughout the organization. You can be a positive role model for Jewish teens.
Below are the basic minimum standard criteria necessary for all volunteers in BBYO.
Process to becoming an advisor: (click "register" for more information)* Successfully complete application, interview and background check.
* Complete online training before beginning tenure, or within 30 days if being assigned as a co-advisor that is already certified.
* Meet the chapter prior to final appointment.
To qualify to be an Advisor one must:
* Be Jewish and have a firm commitment to Jewish principles and the Jewish community.
* Be 21 years old and have been 4 years removed from high school or at the discretion of the field service supervisor.
* Be committed to the mission and objectives of the organization including “more Jewish teens more meaningful Jewish experiences”.
* Genuinely like high-school aged teenagers, enjoy spending time with them and be able to establish a rapport with them.
* Be willing to be a positive role model for Jewish teens.
* Be willing to accept supervision and training and to improve their knowledge and skills as informal Jewish educators for teens.
Once Qualified and placed with a chapter an advisor will have the following responsibilities:
* ADVISE, NOT LEAD. Advisors must be willing to let the members handle the responsibilities of Chapter functioning, allowing some mistakes while capitalizing on “teachable moments” that will help members learn and grow.
* Provide mature guidance to Chapters as they develop well rounded 5/6 programming and exercise sound judgment when making decisions.
* Function as a liaison of the organization to parents, especially in regard to the growth and development of members (i.e. their kids) through BBYO.
* Meet regularly with staff to evaluate performance.
* Ensure all Chapter functions are within the guidelines of BBYO policy, and to be able to enforce policy when needed.
* Be in regular contact with the chapter president at least once per week as well as regular communication with the entire board.
* Attend all programs, chapter meetings as well as executive board meetings. However, while we understand that this is not always possible it is the advisors responsibility to find a suitable replacement for the specific event that the advisor will be missing.
* Approve all programs through the advisor dashboard in a timely manner.
* Supervise the finances of the chapter. The advisor must be a co-signer of any chapter bank account along with a chapter representative and the local professional staff.
* Positively promote BBYO to the community.
* Develop a working knowledge of AZA/BBG, its rituals, history and traditions. While a BBYO background might be helpful for an Advisor, it is not a requirement provided that the individual is willing to learn.
* Facilitate the growth and outreach of the chapter to other Jewish teens in the area.
* When you become aware of personal issues of individual members, immediately bring these to the attention of the BBYO staff.
* Be the facilitator of communication with the members and their families through regular e mails, phone calls and meetings (make sure the professional staff receives copies of all correspondence).
* Respect privacy and confidentiality of the individual member at all times, providing the information is not harmful to the individual.
* Have a desire to do the job well and gain personal satisfaction by working with and helping young people through learning.
* Be committed to helping BBYO members and Chapters reach their full potential.
* Although not required it is certainly encouraged that advisors be part of the regional convention staff teams when available.

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