About Mitzvah Day









Mitzvah Day is a long standing tradition in Pittsburgh where the Jewish community comes together to provide services to different organizations throughout the entire community typically on December 25.

Last year was the 15th annual Mitzvah Day, named for the Hebrew word Mitzvah, referring to “good deeds” or “acts of loving kindness.” The event is coordinated by the Jewish Federation Volunteer Center, which provides a network of meaningful opportunities to connect volunteers with organizations and people in need.

In honor of its 15th year, last year’s Mitzvah Day celebration began on December 24th and ran until 3:00pm on the 25th, making it a full 24+ hours of Mitzvot! ¬†

Bring your family, bring your friends, you have all day to eat Chinese food and watch a movie – why not squeeze in a mitzvah!MD15SponsorLogos